Iowa Collegiate Internship

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Applications are accepted February 1 through July 31. The application period is now open.

A collegiate intern is a college student or recent graduate, normally 21-27 years old, who serves for a school year (nine months beginning at the start of the school year) to assist a local church staff person as he seeks to begin a collegiate ministry to reach students who attend a nearby college. The goal should be to recruit, develop, and coach small group leaders and lead a meeting each week for all the small groups to gather for teaching, fellowship, and worship. The BCI will match a church’s contribution for the intern up to $500/month for the length of service. This funding is available within the first four years of the start of the collegiate ministry, but available to any one person for only one year. Students that receive collegiate intern funding are requested (not required), to work with BCI staff to find a place to volunteer at an additional BCI church or ministry (e.g. Baptist Friendship Center, Impact University, Iowa State Fair, etc.) during the summer.

Qualifications for a Collegiate Intern:

  1. Be a committed and maturing Christian and have interest in vocational ministry
  2. Be willing to verbally share the gospel with others
  3. Be an active member of a local BCI church and affirm the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.
  4. Be available to serve the entire length of the project (nine months) and for around ten to fifteen hours per week. This position is not intended for people with non-ministry full-time jobs.
  5. Have a 2.0 or higher GPA
  6. Have not previously served as a collegiate intern.

 Application and approval: The information below should be supplied to Geoff Safford <geoff@newheightschurch.orgby the ministry supervisor stating that the applicant meets all the qualifications, includes contact information of the applicant and ministry supervisor, and includes a paragraph from the supervisor explaining why he/she believes that the applicant would be a good collegiate intern and a brief overview of the intern’s job responsibilities including beginning and ending dates of service.